Cash accounts are the spaces where the capital entry and exit movements are registered in the account book, regardless of the form of payment made.

How to register cash movements for entries and exits?

  1. Access the Administration> Financial area and from Settings click on the "Cashier" section.
  2. Once inside the section you will have to enter the Title and Description of the Boxes and then press the green button Add to register it and it will appear automatically in the bottom part.
  3. After registering the Cashier, we must press the "Open" button to enter in the "Initial Balance" section the balance of the current balance with which to start the journey.
  4. Once the current balance is entered, we can start to make manual movements in the "Cash Register" section by entering the Title and Amount

IMPORTANT: Enrollments should not be registered as manual cash movements, since these are linked to the receipt of students who have an enrollment in the center. Cash movements are used for all those free concepts that are not associated with license plates.

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