From the Administrator you will find the Contacts section, from which you will have access to the list of contacts and the configuration tools. From this same space you can add new contacts by clicking on the button with the "+" sign which will open a floating window for you to register.

How to use the filters and segments?

To work with your contacts from the "Contact Manager" you can access the "Contact List" in which all the entries that have been registered to the system from different sources with all the history of the center will be displayed. From this view you will have a system of Filters which will allow you to segment the data so that you can work with the groups of contacts of your interest, either by Date, Origin, Titration of interest or any relevant criteria, you can use all the fields of Contact file form as dynamic filters to create your lists and segment the contacts for your work.

The lists of filters and segments can be saved for use in sending Newsletter campaigns and send communications to users who meet your targeting criteria.

If you want to return to the general list of all contacts you can use the "Reset" button that is displayed in the Filters panel, which will remove all the filters and show the full list of contact records again.

How to download contact lists to Excel?

To download the listings to Excel, you can use the "XLS" button that is shown at the top of the Table. The Excel file will be generated with all the records that comply with the filters that you have active in the work view.

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