From simplifying complex sales processes to the maximum detail of each student

Classlife integrates different tools within the same platform so that you can manage and control the day to day of an educational center without duplicating efforts and optimizing all resources to the maximum, giving coverage to all areas of administrative management of the center.

Classlife is all you need to manage your center, in a single space combining perfectly the tools necessary to manage education, communication, sales and administration, integrating them into a complete system of reports and analytics. Classlife simplifies the day to day of your educational center, helping the management and administration, teachers and students to be more efficient, with a very intuitive social environment and saving administrative costs and time.

Facilitates collaborative team work to optimize administrative processes and control of management, communication and education tasks to cover the entire life cycle of the student from the first contact, to the generation of records and records after obtaining the evaluation notes of the course.

It has tools that facilitate the monitoring and control of the interest of contacts or future potential students, generation of alarms and monitoring tasks, sending communications from the platform and contact file with record of conversations and documentation.

It connects in the same environment the financial control of the center with the creation of payment agreements for monitoring maturities, control of defaults and projections of the volume of business generated each school year based on the academic offer of the center creating a dynamic of collaborative work to reduce costs, improve communication and eliminate the use of unnecessary paper.

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