The first section "Header" includes the general user options.

Main section

The second section "Main" includes all the tools and content that you will manage within Classlife. It is divided into 3 columns with navigation blocks.

1. Main navigation

The main navigation allows access to the content blocks by sections:

  • Campus
  • Profile
  • Courses
  •  Schedule
  •  Groups
  •  Apps
  •  Configuration
  •  Support

2. Main content

In this section the content will change with each button and action you perform within the system.

3. Secondary navigation

The secondary navigation will include the list of options that can be made within the section that you have chosen from the main menu.

The main menu will mark with the background color the circle so that you know which is the section in which you are.


The third section "Footer" includes the options for Logout and Language Change

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