1. It provides everything teachers, students and tutors (parents) need to manage learning. Connect all academic resources as a social network to provide the best learning experience and alumni with cutting-edge tools for communication, interaction, online training and connection of students with companies for job search and internships.
  2. Optimizes the entire sales process in an agile and efficient way allowing the control of contacts, pre-inscriptions and sales, whether from internal or external sources, from one place. It allows you to quickly find the information, contact data and tasks assigned to the commercial team, necessary for an effective sales process.
  3. It is the perfect business tool for the educational center. It saves time in the management of collections and fees, as well as planning and controlling in a simple way the most complex processes for academic plans, such as enrollment, receipt management, billing and remittances.
  4. It has an intelligent system that allows to analyze quickly and clearly the performance of all the activities that are generated within the campus. Development of courses, academic records, contact and enrollment control, collection and payment management, assignment of tasks, calendars and the whole global summary of the center with reports, graphs and statistics that facilitate informed decision-making at any time and from any place.
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