Classlife will have different access modalities depending on the user profile.

  • Management / Administration: they will access all the platform's functionalities. They will configure the initial aspects, make a financial follow-up, contact students and teachers, contact the tutors of the students, etc.
  • Students: they will access the Campus section that will allow them to follow up on their subjects, contact the teacher, classmates, consult their evaluations, download syllabuses, etc..
  • Alumni: access the platform to contact alumni, consult their file and contents, contact companies, benefit from the advantages of being part of the alumni community, etc.
  • Tutors / parents: they will access the platform to contact the teachers and the center's management, follow up on the evaluations of their children, etc.
  • Teachers: they will have access to communicate with students, set the subjects' agenda, upload contents, documents, contact tutors, etc.
  • Secretariat: They will access to make announcements, newsletters, evaluations, control of collections and payments, direct debits, etc.
  • Commercial: Access to enter contacts, tracking, etc.
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