The Classlife platform has been developed as a set of interdependent modules that conform to the structure of common services of the educational center. Each module corresponds to a functional service that can be activated independently and which in turn will be ready to connect with the other modules to complete the goal of integral management all in one without the need to make changes to platforms to manage different areas from the center.


Improve the image of your center with efficient management and save your team time by centralizing all the tasks of administration, communication, document generation and license plate management with group control tools or detail per student.

Example of tasks: enrollment, student file, curriculum, report card, official documentation, etc.


It allows to carry out a control of contacts, pre-inscriptions and sales. Capture all information from external contact sources from one place. Find quickly the information, contact data and tasks assigned to your team, necessary to achieve an effective sales process.

Example of tasks: document management, conversion measurement, commercial assignment tasks, email marketing, reports, etc.


Plan business resources and control in a simple way the most complex processes for the academic plans of the Training Cycles. Registration LOE / LOGSE. Management of receipts, billing and remittances. It optimizes collection processes and controls in a simple way the financial management of the center with a real-time vision that will help you in the planning of resources, reducing duplication of operations and eliminating the risk of human error in the exchange of data between platforms.

Example of tasks: payment agreements, receipts and billing, bank remittances, financial reports, etc.


It connects all the academic resources to provide the best learning experience, with cutting-edge tools, for communication, interaction and face-to-face, semi-face-to-face and online training. Involves teachers and students. It connects all the academic resources in a dynamic and interactive space type social network to improve the learning experience, building collaborative learning.

Example of tasks: communication, student tracking, calendars, assistances, teaching resources, notifications, etc.

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